Yes, I Can Help

Each morning as I take my walk through the downtown streets, mmm how I love watching a sleepy city wake up, I chat with anyone and everyone that shares this wonderful space; Business owners, to the downtown residents alike.

I am amazed at the input people offered on everything from The Local Culture and Arts, the excitement of strong presence of UOIT, the GM Center, The Regent, Parking, the long time merchants (the strong holds), Genosha Hotel, to the Meth Clinic, to “what a shame it is that we still have so many vacancies”. The wonderful ideas that people share so quickly and openly in the short morning moments…. I want to embrace them, savour them, work with them, grow them…but it takes many to care for the village.

It Is Clear that there is passion for the downtown… So what is next…

At The Table we are putting together a volunteer team that want to help create a strong sense of community “home” within the heart beat of our city of Oshawa, “Our Down Town”…
The “New Oshawa” is here…

These are exciting times…

We are looking for people interested in helping….Some of the events are rooted at The Table and others by other residents and business owners…You can help on one event or ongoing events. For Students they work as community service hours.



carol cavallari

Tell us what you are looking for

  • Are you a local resident
  • If you are from out of town do you need to be billeted
  • How many hours are you looking to volunteer for
  • What is your specialty
  • Why are you looking to volunteer


1. Meals and beds are available for volunteers doing multiple day events or jobs
2. Minimum of 4 hours per day work to enjoy the billeting
3. Extended stay after volunteering can be arranged based on availability

Here are a few of the events you may be interested in helping with

On Going…
After School Program… Cooking Classes… 3 day segments
Creating healthy fun lunches.. recipes to grocery lists to preparation

On Going…
FREE cooking classes … Dinner for 4 four for under $10.00

On Going…
The seven planters out back of The Table need watering

On Going…
367 Grandview Gardens.. helping in the communal gardens and enjoying a share in the harvest…(nothing formal..just show up water, weed, thin, pick, eat)

On Going…
Social Media campaign… through the table creating a downtown community.. hitting as many sites as possible to keep the downtown happenings current .. creating an exciting family vibe

On Going…
Soup on the streets…. Showing by example that there there is always enough to share, creating a sense of community.. standing a moment to chat with our neighbours

On Going…
Check out Soup on the Streets team building for volunteer opportunities