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At The Table we will tell you what is in every menu item and where the ingredients were purchased from. We love the Farmers Market at the Oshawa Center since all of the farmers are present in one location!

  • Hyper Local (food grown in our own communities) are a preference during the growing season. Durham Region and Clarington provide us with seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats with a number of items still available throughout the year, such as apples, potatoes, onions and other root vegetables.
  •  Local Farms extend from Niagara, for its wonderful fruits to Kawarthas and Prince Edward County for our Dairy and Cheeses, Northumberland for wild blueberries and award winning maple syrup.
  • If any of the food that we are serving is not ours, that is prepared from a whole, raw state, we will let you know… Our breads will be coming from ACE Bakery. All of our baking is done in house… Gluten Free bread is baked daily.

Great ideas come alive with implementation…

An intention/action to make change sometimes takes a vow until it becomes second nature to us. For something to become second nature to us, it often requires discipline to follow through on the act continuously. When the discipline can be let go because the act has become second nature, then the vow is no longer necessary. Saving the earth requires discipline on our part until it becomes second nature to us.

We vow to reduce our garbage to landfills…


I am sure that my kids would say that I am obsessed with composting… At home we have three large compost bins that will hold 2.25 yards each plus various building piles used for layering… With the kitchen waste. If you were ever to visit our yard the joke is that the tour begins with the compost area. I love it! I think it is because everything begins here and ends here. Gotta love full circle!

We will have a two compost bins in the restaurant. All waste will be carefully sorted into two categories:

  • Municipal composting will take all of the protein waste and takeout … as they are all food based
  • Fruit, vegetable and bread waste will all come home with me to the compost bins
  • NOTE: if you are interested in any compost for your gardens you are welcome to have some. Just pop by The Table and let us know and we can make arrangements for you to come and pick it up. Generally, I get 3 batches a year. Spring, end of July and Autumn.

Reduce the garbage to minimal and Reuse, by offering alternatives and incentives to disposable products. We invite you to join us.
SAVE $ while contributing to the health of our earth.

  • Bring in your own coffee thermos or cup and get 20 cents off
  • We will offer lids to coffee cups… but you are welcome to say you don’t require one.  (cups are all compostable, unfortunately lids are not)
  • For take out food orders… how about you bring your own container and enjoy $1.00 off food order over $9.00
  • Bring your own bag for the take out order.
  • When buying The Table 1litre jars of soup, return the mason jar and enjoy $1.00 of your next jar of soup.
  • We will have straws available. Just ask.
  • When we buy produce, we will bring our Totes to market to eliminate waxed cardboard boxes

At home we spend as much time tending the compost as we do the gardens. At The Table we invite you to help by sorting leftover scraps into Protein and Vegetable waste. We will keep everyone updated on the amount of garbage we have spared the landfill sites.

Recycling is the last of the 3 R’s. This means that once we have exhausted the reduce and reuse… we opt to recycle. Remember that recycling is a wonderful service but it still requires energy and resources. My thoughts race to how to be garbage free. Is it possible? Please share your ideas…

Construction Reusing

  • Wood good enough for a bon fire was dropped at John’s house
  • Wainscoating is being filled in with along the walls with the wood pulled down from the half walls
  • Bamboo Floors replace only the area where the linoleum tiles once lay. Ceramic tiles were in great shape so they were left (bit of extra  work on such uneven floors but Beans and Crissy grinned and bore it.
  • Green tile in the cooking and line are STAYS…. That caused some strong discussions, but hey! It was in perfect shape.
  • Reused equipment and new to us pc are second hand…
  • Table tops were stripped from the bases and laminated together to create “The Table”. Bases were painted up and reused
  • Old Mirrors from the walls were given away to a customer
  • Art from the walls was also given to an employee of the Simcoe Street Grill
  • Most of the dishes… somewhat eclectic, will be used for our daily food service. For Private events we will have the square dishes that we  have “borrowed” from OCTAVIENS Banquet Halls… our sister company.

Call in Orders

Call in your lunch order and we can have it ready. 289-240-8720
Let us know if you will be bringing in your own container, so that we can make plans accordingly. Some clients have two lunch containers with their name on them. Bring in the second container which I will put on a shelf for your next order. That way we have one here at all times. When you pick up your order remember you save $1.00 on order of $9.00 or more. Delivery orders in the downtown area are available with 24 hours notice.