The Garden as a Healing Garden

Meditation, being present, peaceful

April 30th, 2011

4-1-rose garden and bench
It was through my morning mediation that the vegetable patch was inspired… but there were a few more instructions… The garden should be one that was to be shared with the whole community expanding into a healing garden. How does one open their back yard to a society that loves to wall up or fence up all personal properties… to protect it… to delineate what is mine versus theirs.  How do you explain that the gardens and yard are there for all to enjoy… that it is not about money, that it is simply a space for people to feel free to retreat to…. That it is ours…

4-3path to roses 4-4birch perennials

Why, would be the first question  asked.
“This is yours, you bought it, earned it, created it…” How can it then be “ours?”
Some people recommended finding a public plot…. But there are so many rules…
“This is not public property…. Someone asks … “what about insurance, what about the fact that there is no lock on the gate (not that there ever was) what about attracting the “wrong people”? (what do they look like)… Am I being naïve.. should I know more before I pursue this? Or should I know less… ask less… and follow my heart?  Guess…
     I want to bring things back to the simplest form…Nothing is really ours… we get to use it while we are here on this earth…. Enjoy it, take care of it, live communally with it.  To live without attachment or ownership is the ultimate freedom…
Give with love… with no attachment… no expectation….Come to the gardens to sit in the midst of its newness…come sit by the modest pond, on the individual stone meditation benches and listen to the water, come work and share your love of the gardens… come share your knowledge and know that it will be heard and embraced…. For this is my first attempt.

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