The Soup Maker’s Soup Program

Here are the options:

  • Purchase litres of soup for:  $8.50 veg., $9.25 for non veg., and $9.95 for seafood
    With each litre of soup purchased, $0.50 is put towards soup on the streets.
  • Join our Monthly Soup Makers Soup Program and for $32.00 enjoy a selection of 4 – 1 litre jars of soup from the monthly choices. (max of 2 non veg) or add $1.00/litre for non veg.
  • Buy 8 litres of soup in the month for $68.00 and you sponsor a person from the alternative education program to a cooking class.  These youth, who may be disengaged and at risk of dropping out of school, have the opportunity to learn cooking skills which will not only promote healthy, whole food eating, easy to prepare recipes, but also basic skills of working in a kitchen which may help with future employment in the food service industry.


  • Coming Soon!