Soup on the Streets is going into its 4th Year, serving over 3000 bowls of soup
to various community organizations and neighbourhoods
within Oshawa during the six weeks leading up to the holidays!

I invite you to put together a team and let’s MAKE SOUP!

Your Team will:
• Decide how many bowls of soup you would like to sponsor
• Collect ingredients through your workplace, based on the soup you choose from the list
• Put together a team of 4-6 people & come to The Table to prep soup (1-2 hours)
• Choose a community group, or neighbourhood, from a list, that you would like to serve.
• Take the soup out and serve it (1-2 hours)

The Table will provide:
• Equipment
• Seasonings
• Bowls and spoons
• List or organizations that would love to have soup
• Scheduling between team and community group
• Recipes and teacher (me )

Cost to Sponsor 100 bowls of soup $150.00

The Table, on behalf of Soup on The Streets also accepts donations to purchase:
• Ingredients for additional soup to go out to the community
• Bowls, Spoons, Napkins
• Vehicles, gas to get to locations.

And of course…. VOLUNTEERS not on a team are always welcome
to check the general soup making and soup distribution schedule and join us.