May 27th, 2011

Sharing it all…

It is an interesting time for me. For the last four years it is Monica and I who have taken care of the flower gardens. Now that the gardens are twice the size I have quickly come to realize that it is difficult to work full time and take care of them as well. Decisions need to be made…. And it is simple…nature does not wait. I have hired myself an amazing assistant, Sarah, for the office that is taking a huge load off my shoulders…. Freeing me up to get out of the office during parts of the day to tend to the gardens…

seedlings on tableAnthony in the garden... his favorite place

I don’t consider the gardens a chore but I do consider them a responsibility. There is the obvious chatter that goes on between my plants and I (we all talk to our plants right.) watering, weeding, tying up plants and mowing the left over lawns. I have bushes that need pruning and still have my front flower planters to fill.
I reflect on what my intention was when I said “community garden”. It was to provide a place for people to come and enjoy the space as they see fit and share in the harvest…. Why am I having a hard time asking for help? I have no problem giving things away… but in the true spirit of “community” should we not all work together and then share in the rewards? “Come and join me in the garden… help me tend to them, watch them grow as you work away… come with a basket and take home what you would enjoy”
I will spend the next couple of weeks seeing who would like to come and help with the gardens in exchange for FREE produce.

A Handful of seeds and Left Over Plants

The gardens are planted full… and there are still leftover plants.  I have just brought a table out front of the house to place the “FREE to Good Home” plants on when the phone rings… My son Mike, who is currently living in Toronto, tells me that a few people and himself are planting a community garden and they are wondering if I have any plants left that I might want to donate….  I am ecstatic!  Here are all these plants that we grew from seed that are now going to a new Toronto home!
 6-4seedlings on table 2
I pack up the plants (6 flats of assorted Vegetables and herbs) some tomato cones, wooden stakes, lettuce seeds, and coconut hair peat, and jump in the vehicle… In less than an hour I am greeted by 5 enthusiastic people anxious to unload and to get things started.  When I ask about soil they mention that Loblaws will be giving them the bags of black earth…. Wow .  Now this is community…
 6-4Mike and I
It is raining when I arrive back home… I will take the remainder of the plants and place them in small pots and put them out front tomorrow.  I think that the 6 bean plants that I have left I will put in larger pots with stakes and see if the two families with small children would like to have them and watch the beans grow….
My day ends with a smile….

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